Capture The Flag (CTF)

CTF’s are challenges that intend to teach and test your skills in information security. CTF’s are the best way to practice and hone your hacking and security skills.I believe in self learning.So all the newbies of Infosec who are passionate and wondering how hack, Get-Set-CTF!

Websites that offer CTF’s:

1) WeChall: This has a library of all challenge sites related to computers, hacking and security.It also gives you a global as well as country ranking.So this makes it even more addictive.

2)HackThis!!: It has a wide range of challenges which are suitable especially for beginners.It increases the difficulty with each step with the basic fundamentals.

3)CanYouHack.It: A little difficult than the above site but has lots of challenges.

4)W3Challs: Similar to other basic challenge sites, this site has all it takes to be perfect by doing them again.

5)RootMe: Tougher and better challenges.

6)HackThisSite: Classic this one, umm wait..popular?

7) EnigmaGroup: Definitely a classic.All challenges used to free but rumors are that if you solve the free challenges, you’ll have enough points to access the other challenges.

8) Difficult…but we’ll break through it.

9)Net-Force: Good site.

10) Trythis0ne: Just to make it 10.


Watch the movie Wargames (1983) and get inspired!

Start off with Overthewire.

Rules to set:

1)Solve one at a time.If you get bugged by a challenge or the site, then skip or switch to another site.

2)Commit to yourself that you’ll learn the concept well and not be attracted towards solving them using automated tools and other fugly stuff.Yeah fugly.I’ve been through that.

3) Don’t give up.

4)Don’t cheat- Reading Writeup’s

5)Some might make your feel like the dumbest of all but don’t give up.Visit forums and google hints but don’t directly hit the walkthrough.

I’ll update this post as I progress and experience something new.


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